Here’s what a few of Jan’s customers are saying…

“We wanted our wedding rings to be inspired by nature yet still timeless and elegant. We had no idea how to achieve this. Jan was our guide: He listened to our convoluted ideas and explained, in depth, the characteristics of different metals, different finishes and the basics and personal philosophies of his craft. When we first saw the final products, it was love at first sight (all over again). Throughout the whole process, Jan was truly a pleasure to work with – he was professional, informative, and sensitive to stresses of wedding planning. It was clear to us that he possesses remarkable creative ability and a strength in turning vague ideas into stunning realities.” Katie and Duncan, St. John’s, NL

“Thank you! These rings are spectacularly beautiful. The sizes are perfect!! And love the width of them. Overall perfect, perfect, perfect—a true work of beautiful art by a talented artists.” Dottie and Dave, Canmore, AB

“With all these pieces, Jan took the time to talk with me and discuss the occasion for them and the people I had in mind. His patience and creativity are unparalleled and illustrate his commitment to do well by his customers, producing thoughtful and unique work that brims with originality. Ultimately, his work is founded on a collaborative approach that incorporates dialogue with customers as a basis for design.” Jon, St. John’s, NL

“I have an ordinary beach stone that has great sentimental value for me because of its origin and the event it signifies. And I wanted to make a gift of it for my daughter. Rather than turning it into a pendant or a broach, I preferred that it had a setting–to be an heirloom piece–that evoked its origin and, in a way told its ‘story’. I approached Jan to tackle the task; but I had more notions about what it should not be than what it should be. The ensuing process entailed concept drawings and revisions to and fro until he was able to submit early renderings of the setting in silver and wood. With costs always a limiting factor, several revisions occurred in this mid-phase. But each rendering more effectively evoked the story, until we had the final piece. For me the challenge was getting the design to a point that satisfied my original idea–without exceeding my budget. I was extremely happy with my working discussions with Jan, who was ever patient with my suggestions. I was never worried about his craftsmanship; but it was even more comforting that I could trust his understanding of my project. And also, his aesthetic sense of his materials–how they might best serve particular aspects of the design–was extremely helpful in shaping the final piece. What might have been a very trying process–to depend on someone esle to create something true to my own feelings–was in fact very satisfying. This stone is no longer just any old stone. Jan’s silver and wood setting, superbly crafted and realized, has given a mute stone its voice–at least enough to say it holds a story that is not at all ordinary.” Kevin, Doha, Qatar

“I am now the very proud owner of two beautiful custom pieces of jewellery created by Jan. The first piece he designed for me was a ring. My husband and I had purchased a brilliant tanzanite stone on our anniversary in 2008 and it had been tucked away in a box until last year when I saw Jan’s work at the Christmas craft fair. I immediately knew he was the person to create something unique and beautiful for me. I met with him a number of times to come up with the perfect design for my stone. When I received the final piece, I can’t even begin to explain how pleased I was with it. I constantly receive compliments from people every where I go. I even received a compliment from the jewellers at Tanzanite International when I was on vacation in Grand Cayman last fall. They, like me, were in awe of his beautiful and impeccable craftsmanship. Just a few days ago, I received the most amazing gift from my husband. It was another special custom piece by Jan that my husband had designed for me for my first Mother’s Day and my birthday. Without me knowing, he and Jan worked together to come up with a timeless locket, personalized with my son’s name/birthday and his picture inside. Again, it is a unique, elegant, stunning and timeless piece that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I truly fell in love with this necklace and don’t think I will ever receive anything as perfect ever again. 🙂 I highly recommend working with Jan if you want a piece of jewellery that is unique and beautiful. His work is exquisite. I am already thinking about my next request.” Pam, St. John’s, NL

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  1. Susan · December 8, 2015 at 19:19:07 ·

    Jan is every bit the Master Goldsmith! I had a stainless steel gucci watch with a broken clasp. It had been sitting in my jewelry box for almost 2 years. I emailed several large watch companies in the US (including the place where it was purchased) who all told me it could not be fixed. I took it to several stores around town where another local goldsmith and an expert watch repairman told me the same. Then I met Jan at a craft fair last month. When I saw the different pieces he had on display I was impressed with his talent and inquired as to whether he would be interested in taking a look at my watch. Well, he did not disappoint! A couple of days later he has done what everyone else told me was impossible. I am now sporting my gucci once again. I am so impressed and very grateful.

    Thank you so much Jan. You are a very talented artist and a pleasure to do business with.

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