Custom Work

For Jan, custom work is all about telling your story in a unique and meaningful way. He will take the time to find out about your personal style and what you want your new piece of jewellery to say. Rest assured that the final piece will be at once distinctive, durable and comfortable.

“My custom-made jewellery is built around stories. Sometimes, clients will come to me with a specific idea or event in mind and I have very clear directions to work with. But other times, they will come to me with just a general feeling and I will help them expand on that by giving them ideas and designs to consider.

“I also feel it’s important to make sure my clients are involved in the process so that it’s a true collaboration. I want them to understand how different materials or techniques will affect the design; there shouldn’t be any mystery about what I am doing and what the final results will be. I want my clients to be as satisfied with their jewellery in 10 years as they are the day that they go home with it.”

Visit this gallery for a look at some of Jan’s custom pieces.

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