As both an artist and a craftsman, Master Goldsmith Jan Peterknecht blends creative design with solid workmanship. For his collections, he draws upon Newfoundland and Labrador’s landscape and culture, often finding inspiration on long hikes and through his attentive photography. Find out more about Jan’s story in the St. John’s Telegram.

Jan Peterknecht

His custom work is based on a careful understanding of his clients’ ideas and the ability to shape them into innovative yet highly intimate pieces. A native of Burg, Northern Germany, Jan arrived in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2007. Before moving to the island and establishing Jan Peterknecht Designs, he had spent 20 years creating fine handcrafted jewellery for a wide-ranging clientele. During this time, he mastered the full range of production techniques, including metal beating, processing, casting, laser welding, chasing, mounting and gemstone setting.

Jan combines artistry, design skills and technical knowledge to create evocative jewellery that is as enduring as it is original.



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    Excellent work!

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